S2Ep.15 – Da Troof Hoitz

This week we talk about telling the truth and when and if lying might be the better option. By the end of the episode, you may opt for the latter, as Chris tells the horrible, terrible truth. Image by pixel2013 from Pixabay Why be honest?

S2Ep14 – Just Putting It Out There

This week we talk about a recent twitter post by the folks from Gillette featuring plus-size model Anna O’Brien enjoying her life on the beach. More importantly, we discuss the uproar caused by the post. Because there’s always uproar. Always. Image by Karen Arnold from Pixabay Twitter cruelly mocks plus-size modelĀ  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=igyzUTJwSJo

S2Ep13 – In Through The Out Door

It’s story time again, as Beard become the second member of CUWAGD to undergo a backdoor inspection. This is what you can expect from a podcast involving 50 year old men. Regardless of the serious nature, rest assured we will POKE fun of it. Image by skeeze from Pixabay The Masked Invader

S2Ep12 – It’s a Podcast About Nothing

This week, we’re gonna teach you the benefits of telling your mind to shut it. Chris gives his mediation story, and how it has affected his outlook on the world. Sit back, but not too far, close your eyes, and listen…oh yeah, and breathe. Don’t forget that. Image by Michal Jarmoluk from Pixabay Ten Ways…

S2Ep11 – Ginger: Family Man, Hooligan

This week listen to Ginger’s story of a man who has hated sports of all kind and within a month’s time has become a fanatic of the world’s sport. To test his story, Beard lobs a quiz at him just to see how deep he has gotten, or perhaps expose him as a fraud. Listen…

S2Ep10 – That Darn Dawn Wall

We go up, up, up, up, up as Beard brings us the story of The Dawn Wall, an inspirational climbing documentary, which can currently be seen on Netflix. The story of elevation has nearly as many downs as ups so listen in and see where it ends. Around the 9:15 mark, you get to hear…

S2Ep9 – Houston, We Have a Podcast

Strap yourselves in, kids. We’re going to space! Well, we’re gonna talk about it, at least, as we go over all the things that go on up there. Listen up, and you might learn something, or if you already know everything, listen in and fact check us, because who doesn’t love that. Liftoff in 10….9….8…….

S2Ep8 – So Complex, It’s Simple

We deal with enough crap during our day without that evil brain of ours making it worse. Is life too complex a thing to be made simple? Yes, absolutely. Just kidding, maybe, I think, man, it’s a lot to handle. Either way, Beard guides us through this complex world, all the while accomplishing his greatest…

S2Ep7 – The ABC’s of CUWAGD

Had rough day? Week? Year? Life? Our latest episode serves as a reminder of all the many ways, well, 26 in this case, to shake off the crud and turn that frown upside….wait, can they sue us if they’re out of business?

S2Ep5 – And It Burns, Burns, Burns

  Gather round the fire, kids, as we tell a tale of…..well, back away from the fire, kids…..keep going……keeeeep going…….keeeeeeeeeeep….ok, that’s good, so where do we begin?