Season 2 lurks……

This life won’t last forever
But I can tell you why
You need to smile and let it go
‘Cause we’re all gonna die
Cheer up
‘Cause your mom is gonna die
Cheer Up
Because Obama’s gonna die
Cheer Up
The Dalai Lama’s gonna die
A grim outlook won’t change a thing
‘Cause time for you and I
Will surely end some sunny day
‘Cause we’re all gonna die
That guy that cut you off
Well, that guy’s gonna die
So long to Bernie Madoff
With a pencil in his eye
Cheer Up, Cheer Up
‘Cause we’re all gonna die
Godzilla’s gonna die
Manila’s gonna die
Blake Bortles’s gonna die
That turtle’s gonna die
Donald T is gonna die
Kiki Dee is gonna die
Eddie Vedder’s gonna die
Swiss & Cheddar’s gonna die
Father Time’s gonna die
All these rhyme’s gonna die
Larry Chamber’s gonna die
<wait….my good friend Larry Chambers?>
<well, maybe not him>
But we’re all gonna die




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