Hillary’s Theme Song Speculations Flying*

Picking a theme song is critical to how presidential candidates market themselves. Donald Trump opted to go with The Rolling Stones’ “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”. Ted Cruz was quick to point out the choice was a disrespectful message to the Republican establishment, and an affront to Christian Conservatives. “Donald used a band…

Mama Martelli’s Caterpillar House

It was hot. It was very hot.  It was the hottest day in Memphis since 1963.  At Mama Martelli’s Pasta House, the fans were spinning like pinwheels in a windstorm. The kitchen was alive with activity as patrons streamed in to beat the heat and fill their bellies.  The day started out just as many…

Episode 6 – Fart, Counterfart

Wade returns as we discuss man time, relationships and the Gods and run them, Harry Pooter, trivia time with the Dueling Briyanjos, the kooky North Koreans, the best of 1994, and thing exposure. CUWAGD Facebook Page    CUWAGD on Twitter

Episode 5 – Underwater Naptime

Episode 5 filibusters through the hassle of giving, our Facebook footprint, lake naps, God magic, steamrolling through Northern Ohio, getting racy with Petey & O.J. and the mindful powers of cross stitch. Wake Up, Denard….Denard, Wake Up……..DENARD!! The Cartoon Capers of Hieronymous Bosch There’s something on your shirt Brian Garruto takes a stand……for bananas Hot…

He Likes Music!

  If he couldn’t convince you before, NOW do you believe him?!

Episode 3 – The Moistened Crackle

We pop the top on Episode 3 and discuss good sounds, bad sounds, the British vamoose, NBA shenanigans, a trip to the drive-in, and the greatest year in music: 1971? MOIST? UGH! THE GREATEST YEAR IN ROCK SUN-RAY CINEMA OCALA DRIVE-IN